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Purchaser Supply Source.  eGrimesDirect has a preferred program for industrial product purchasers to achieve cost take-out on volume buys.
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eGrimesDirect for Purchasers

Think Purchaser Supply Source when looking for new innovative production tooling and supplies.

The Grimes NeXus Supply Management Portal ~ Purchaser Supply Source helps purchasers to increase efficiency and improve productivity for an enhanced competitive advantage.

Whether for single-facility or multiple-plant operation, NeXus will help leverage buying power, standardize and consolidate product sourcing and reduce transactional costs.

Our product managers take great pride in sourcing the finest products available in the market today. We endeavor to carry a mix of quality and price points that will bring value to your business making us a trusted Purchaser Supply Source.

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Buy Smart:

The NeXus Supply Management Portal makes purchasing efficient and easy by offering the following:

Advanced Searchability * Quick Ordering Options * Order Approval Workflows * Detailed Account Control * Ability to Track Order Status * Access to History * Enhanced Reporting * Contract Pricing * Rebate Program * Ongoing Addition of User Options and Enhancements 

Buy Quality: 

We showcase the best and brightest products in the marketplace today. Our robust supplier relationships offer Grimes customers’ unparalleled first-choice access to new products and technical innovations, and the reassurance of superior product quality and value associated with the brands we have chosen to represent.

Buy Direct: 

We leverage our buying power to deliver consistent every day low pricing and the following:

Massive Product Selection
Volume and Large Buy Pricing
New Product Lines Added Weekly
First Hand Notification of New Product and Technology Solutions by Industry.

Did you know?

eGrimesDirect is a member / owner of AD Canada and as such we are part of the largest buying group in North America!

eGrimesDirect and ADHQ - you supply partners

We are living in a challenging and competitve world. Our strength is born of never being satisfied with the status quo.

Our innovative mindset enables us to take calculated risks. And our size affords us the resources to make investments in programs to help our members compete today and well into the future.

Join our Purchaser Supply Source program and let’s build our future together.

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