That’s what he said! And we loved it!

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars.

We're doing it different Smart dog with pencil in his mouth thinking but not about to bark at a parked car anytime soon.
I think before I bark

And now, there is evidence that we’re doing it different!

Okay let me explain . . .

We are doing it different and being noticed because of that.

eGrimesDirect is for busy people who want more than just busy lives.  

You can tap into all of your supply requirements in one place . . . What you need to order, what’s on order and when it’s going to arrive.

Anyone can appreciate our products and services.  We deliver the safety products to protect your employees, the supplies for your office and maintenance departments, and the goods and solutions that go into the production of everyday and specialized consumer and industrial products . . . 

Yes, we sell a lot of stuff!

So why the barking dog analogy?

Grimes is a company that has been built on customer relationships … for over 60 years we have served our customers from brick and mortar locations.

Yet as the world is ever changing and evolving, we constantly ask ourselves, how can we make our customer experience more efficient, interactive … better? The best!

We started aggressively building our online presence in ‘94 – but we never slowed down – we kept improving. And we’ve come a long way, of course, with the help of our fantastic customers!

It’s kinda like if you build it, they will come . . . but better.

Let’s face it, we’re all out in the world doing our entrepreneurial best to excel and stand out but when you garner a bit of attention for your effort? How good is that. So what about when your garner a lot of attention – feels pretty awesome right?

We know that the expectations of our members are greater today than they’ve ever been.  And we know that If were not delivering on that, they’re going to go somewhere else that will.

So, yes we monitor user traffic and we do so to get better, provide a better user experience, nothing sinister here.

But what we have seen in 2019 first surprised us, then delighted us. Our competitors . . . The big guys, the players, you know the guys that you aspire to be better than and secretly keep an eye on. Well ‘they’ have been keeping an eye on us! Brilliant!

So he, our Uber driver said, “You must be doing something right because dogs don’t bark at parked cars!”

I could not find who wrote this but clever.
Cute puppy ready to bark at a car rolling down the street.  We're doing it different at eGrimesDirect
“Bark“ said the scruffy little ruffian pup

. . . and so our journey towards excellence continues . . . But now with a little more umph and confidence of knowing that we are on the right road.

We need to know what our members want before even they know that they want it and technology is a huge part of this process.  We now use business intelligence, surveys and open forums for feedback. 

We want to make sure we communicate with our members the way they want to be communicated with.  We feel strongly that our product managers and supplier relations team need to be sourcing new and improved products and solutions as well as negotiating better buy-ins and rebates on our members behalf.  We want members to think of our team as an extension of their purchasing team.

And because we want to stand out, we’re doing it different. We have used our years of knowledge and experience to build a very focused, personalized one to one journey with our members.  A way to reach them with the right offer at the right time.

We’ve been doing personalization since the day we opened.  We’ve taken that personalization and now brought it into the digital customer experience.

It’s a different level of service than what our members have experienced in the past but it is more effective.  We don’t want to waste your time, we want to help you make the most of your time.  One of the great benefits of using eGrimesDirect is to be able to manage your supply requirements from your phone, to act and be able to meet surges and peaks in your requirements anywhere, anytime.

Everything at your fingers so you can make decisions quickly.

We believe that just as innovation and technology can increase productivity for our members in their own business, we as your preferred supplier must also invest in innovation and technology with respect to the solutions we offer.

We want to be trailblazers as we think about new things we can do to improve your procurement process.  We are looking for new ways to engage our existing members, and new ways to reach out to new, potential members.  As the larger we grow, our increased buying volumes will equate to better value for all of our members.

Information, speed and education is the essence of the eGrimesDirect brand . . .

We now have this custom platform that is the biggest transformation to our operations since our founders invested in their first suits and briefcases.

Our economy is driven by entrepreneurs.  More than 90% of Canadian business consists of small business working hard every day.  The fact that we are driven on speed and convenience allows people to get time back and at the end of the day if we can help you earn back some of your time so you can back to the things that really matter to you . . .we’ve succeeded.

”Let barking dogs rage!”

eGrimes Direct is

Community Driven ~ Membership Strong
And ‘we’ are doing it different.

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