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About Grimes Industrial

Grimes Industrial Products Group is a recognized national distributor serving the North American industry for more than sixty years.

Our customers of all sizes have found us to be the ideal “Total Supply Solution.” We have a product offering in excess of 500,000 items and our large operational volumes, strong systems infrastructure, and long-time business experience enable us to provide:

  • comprehensive product selection
  • early access to new and innovative products
  • specialty product requirements and custom solutions
  • supply-chain management and central purchasing services
  • unmatched in-depth technical expertise and friendly, practical customer service. 

We believe that being privately held and owner-operated, affords us the opportunity to be flexible and innovative enough to meet your needs today, and well into the future.

What should you expect from an established business with an entrepreneurial flair?

. . . expertise, knowledge, an innovative approach? Yes!

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What’s in a name?

Grimes was initially known as Grimes Abrasives Limited, or “The Sandpaper People”. Today we carry an extensive full range of product lines. We sell into various industries including: Woodworking, Metalworking and Fabrication, Aerospace, Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket, Plastics, Recreational, Safety and Marine. 

Samuel Burt Grimes was a founder of Canada Sandpapers. His son Warren Grimes created and guided Grimes Abrasives from 1959 to 1966. Warren’s son Don Grimes led the company through a 24-year period of increasing success. Then in 1990, Don’s long-time partner Brian Myers took the reigns.

Our success has enabled us to develop sophisticated customer service and supply-chain management systems, to build strong alliances with manufacturers of superior industrial products, and to continue our search for innovative tools, materials and supplies with improved performance and enhanced productivity in mind.

A reputation built over time.

While Grimes remains one of the premier distributors of 3M Canada‘s renowned products, over the years we have diversified and expanded our lines. We now carry a comprehensive variety of industrial and consumer products. Reflecting that continued growth and our commitment to innovation, in 1994 we launched eGrimesDirect, an online representation of our business.  Further expansion then led to a company name change to better reflect our Brand and in 1998 the company became Grimes Industrial Products Group.

The right changes to help us move forward.

In 2018, we launched the Grimes NeXus Supply Management Portal which matches highly efficient processes with a high level user experience to best serve the Canadian and U.S Industrial and Consumer Markets.

We are proud of the Grimes tradition of technical ingenuity, applications expertise, product knowledge, and service and we are committed to showing value to our customers and suppliers alike.

Grimes was established in 1959 and is now 60+ years old
Grimes Industrial – Established 1959

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