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The Best & Brightest Industrial Brands

The Industrial Brands you Trust available at a division of Grimes Industrial Products Group
The Best and Brightest Brands

The Industrial Brands you Trust

Grimes carries the industrial brands you trust as well as new and innovative emerging brands. We provide superior-quality products sourced from only “The Best and the Brightest” companies which continue to demonstrate competitive leadership in product quality and innovation.

Our most important job is to provide solutions for our customers! That means the right product for the application, supplied, on time, and at a competitive price.

The Grimes Product Mix Strategy

We source the finest products available in the market today and carry a mix of quality and price points that will bring value to your business.

We partner with AD to better serve you

Our partnership with AD is powerful. We put that power to work for you.

We’re a member of AD, a dynamic, $41 billion community of independent distributors and best-in-class manufacturers spanning nine major industries.

What does that mean for you?

Experience and expertise As an independent distributor, we are locally owned and operated and offer the highest level of personal attention. We make decisions quickly and we stand by our word.

As part of a $41 billion buying group, we are financially stable and have the depth, breadth and strength to handle virtually any volume you require. We are competitive and provide great value.

We care about our neighbors and are here for the long haul. When you buy from independent AD distributors like us, the revenues circulate back into our local economy, which in turn can lead to more investment in the area, and more business for everyone.

AD helps us help you

Best-in-class manufacturers: We have access to, and partner with, best-in-class manufacturers across nine industries to provide you with the most innovative solutions.


Our AD membership provides us with immediate access to the next generation of products.

Trained sales force Our AD manufacturer partners help us stay up to date on the latest product training and industry standards to ensure your project is a complete success.

Our Expert Knowledge

eGrimesDirect employ product technicians and industry experts to assist our customers in product selection and problem solving.
Our Expert Knowledge

Wherever possible we will provide product and application literature and expert videos to help in your decision making process.

A Most Impressive Vendor Roster

We strive to build lasting partnerships with key manufacturers to offer the broadest selection and best products available . . . we carry the lines you trust!

Shop by Brand

Try a Product that’s New to You

We have gone to great lengths to group like products so you can choose from a varied offering. Try a product that’s new to you.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

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