No bolts or screws, just wood and glues : “Quantum/Design I SplinterBike

Due to public demand and at the request of the Adain Avion London2012 Cultural Olympiad, a new SplinterBike is born. SplinterBikeQuantum is the third all-wood bicycle to come out of the rammed earth Norfolk workshop of creator Michael Thompson… °°°°°°°°°°°°° Quantum :

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Splinter Bike – How Kewl

Textile industry will also be disrupted: Automatic Machine Knitting of 3D Meshes

We present the first computational approach that can transform 3D meshes, created by traditional modeling programs, directly into instructions for a computer-controlled knitting machine. Knitting machines are able to robustly and repeatably form knitted 3D surfaces from yarn, but have many constraints on what they can fabricate. Given user-defined starting and ending points on an input mesh, our system incrementally builds a helix-free, quad-dominant mesh with uniform edge lengths, runs a tracing procedure over this mesh to generate a knitting path, and schedules the knitting instructions for this path in a way that is compatible with machine constraints. We demonstrate our approach on a wide range of 3D meshes.

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Technology advancements in the Textile industry.

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